TSB was definitely numbered — I text’d myself so I wouldn’t forget 2. I know about it for the Honda’s I don’t have the Acura TSB. Update on the TSB I received my car back today after the Dealership had it since 5/28/ I have to commend the dealership here in. I left the Acura one attached here since some have transplanted the TSX tranny. Honda TSB TSB (Same wording as Honda TSB).

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September 25, Find More Posts by ajt The dealerships will address and fix the issue at hand They get paid to do the warranty work. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them. Be prepared to leave the car at the shop for more than 1 day. September 26, I saw a lot of posts regarding the third gear issue on 3rd generation TLs.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. It doesn’t matter if you still have a warranty or not, it’s a TSB and Honda should fix it no matter what. You can sometimes get “good will” coverage when you’re out of warranty. I mentioned that it is an intermittent issue and that there is a TSB on this problem September 28, Gallery Take it to the track! Find More Posts by 01tl4tl.


6speed tranny fix OMG YES! officlal TSB! – Team Integra Forums – Team Integra

Now if only my car was still under warranty Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. That being said, the dealer may consider doing the TSB for you on a goodwill basis — but by no means are they required to.

You can 0-8018 open the below listed links. April 24, Its really hard to get into 3rd sometimes or it pops out of gear occasionally.

6 spdrd gear I demand a fix? – AcuraZine – Acura Enthusiast Community

September 27, So acuda are my options here, any help would be apreaciated. Last edited by meowCat; at The service manager has done things for me that he didn’t have to like fixing a rattle and replacing a blown speaker AFTER the b2b warranty was rsb, giving me a new free battery when I didn’t even know I needed one, etc.

Immobilizer System Type 4. Follow me on FaceBook. Just got my Type-S back from Acura after the goodwill work was done on my tranny and have yet to have a 3rd gear pop out or grind Find More Posts by Highrev1. All is good i just picked tb the car today totally fixed! I first noticed it shifting into 3rd TSB was definitely numbered — I text’d myself so I wouldn’t forget 2. With today’s Acura, it’s the complete opposite.

3G TL Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’S) 3G Garage #J-016

July 18, Date Added to File: Just to clarify, I don’t know the guys at the dealership on a personal level, but they do seem like reasonable, level-headed guys as far as dealerships are concerned. I got it brand new back in May of last year. October 7, Failing Component: My friends ’08 Si just went in for the 3rd gear bulletin and its been a week already and still waitning on parts.


Please login or register. See reliability data for the Acura TL. As far as for TSB’s I am well versed and aware of them Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

6 spd…3rd gear grinding…TSB..can I demand a fix?

Say Hello to User Taggingl ysb Click here to learn more! This is not a permanent fix. Today I had the car into the dealer to address the 3rd gear issue. I will keep you posted.

Some recommend trying the GM fluid, but that is only a bandaide to cover up the problem. Anyone ever looked into those extended warranty they have advertising on TV. My car is out of warranty. To answer your question, the rsx warranty is for aacura years or 50k miles, whichever comes first.