Bussard’s ramjet ideas, followed by Whitmire’s modifications, really did open up the idea of practical interstellar flight some fifty years ago, but. Zero. T. A. Heppenheimer analyzed Bussard’s original suggestion of fusing protons, but found the bremsstrahlung losses (Bremsstrahlung is. It was in that the physicist Robert W Bussard first proposed the interstellar ramjet in his seminal paper [1]. Bussard was born in and.

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President, why we stopped at Thalassa. Modern technology is subtle as well as powerful. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Interstellar ramjets.

A proposed means of decelerating from interstellar speeds is busard magnetic-sailwhich is a large loop of superconducting wire producing an artificial magnetosphere around the moving spacecraft.

Being a rocket, the burn-out speed is limited by the Tsiolkovsky Equation:.

Now the same trip that took them centuries can be done and be back in time for Christmas. As a high-flying jet busssard leave a vapour trail behind it, so the outward-bound vessel of the Overlords left its own peculiar wake.

Why are these mass ratios ramjdt outrageous? As fantastic as these ideas may seem, we should be open-minded about them, not cavalierly rule them out because of their current infeasibility. SF writers want to use exotic settings on alien planets, but the real estate in our solar system mostly looks like a bunch of rocks.

interstellar ramjet

That means that the Overlords must possess some kind of propulsive system that acts equally on every atom of their ships, so that anything aboard won’t be crushed instantly.

Up there, Jan knew, was the main base of the Overlords, lying within the ramparts of Plato. Naturally to the SF author, the more attractive option is to increase the speed of the starship. I mean you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space. When I first invented the concept of laser-pushed lightsails back inI thought it was obvious that since all the laser can do is push the lightsail, it would not be possible to use a solar system laser to stop the lightsail at the target system.


Peron looked around him in disgust. Accelerating and decelerating at 1g to would bring the spacecraft to the nearest star of Alpha Centauri 4. There are several ways of dealing with the lifespan issue. But I spent most of those years asleep, in suspended animation This is where we get into the engineering challenges.

The nanotechnology bootstraps itself by replicating using in-situ resources as feedstocks until it has mass of a few tons, then shifts gears to start manufacturing artificial bodies. Graphene is basically a single sheet of graphite — a hexagonal grid form of carbon in the form of immensely strong sheets of covalently bonded carbon atoms, but held together between the sheets via via weak hydrogen bonds to make graphite.

And looking forward, the Solar Probe Plus mission is to perform a close flyby of the Sun, reaching a top heliocentric speed of kilometers per second, which works out to 6. Do you know how large crystals are grown?

Climate change would be a non-issue for the super-rich, because their castles would be proof against anything the climate or outsiders could throw at them. Forward this entire website is my poor attempt at being every SF writer’s good friend. Adding artifical body manufacturing facilites would reduce or remove the advantage. Seven or eight years ago starting at I read an article in the British Interplanetary Society’s magazine, Spaceflight.

A similar patch of starless blackness develops toward the bow. So we need magical armor. As the speed of light is approached, stars will appear to move to the front and huddle together in a small patch directly in the line of flight.

Slower Than Light – Atomic Rockets

Up from the heart of the spreading moonglow a tiny spark began to climb towards the zenith. I may be wrong, but I believe that the SF writers who originally proposed this tetrad knew enough about science and engineering to have a good idea of the problems they were avoiding by using them.

As another side note, the equation for gamma demonstrates how things go haywire when you calculate speed faster than light. As with all interstellar colonization proposals, there are quite a few technological challenges to solve:.


But that’s all by the way…. And I can’t because there is no answer. Indeed, without magic fusion rockets or some such, almost all of the lander’s weight when it lands has to be fuel.

Were they really all the same person? Join i4is for a journey to the stars! Waxing and waning with a peculiar buszard, it ascended ever more swiftly into the sky, drawing a fluctuating line of light across the stars.

Where would that put us? So suns ahead of the vessel in the line of flight will become bluer in color; those behind will become redder. The colors of the stars would shift. However, the advantage of a digital crew ship over a seed ship is the lower ship mass due to the absence of frozen embryos, artificial wombs, and robot mommies.

It will tend to have more mass than a Digital Crew ship and less than a Sleeper Ship. However it greatly enhances its performance by scooping the interstellar medium and using this as extra reaction mass to augment the rocket.

Eamjet cost goes as the square of the diameter.


We’ve talked about this before on the blogbut unfortunately, the really good conversation was about comments in and about 8? Amspaugh takes pipe and tobacco pouch from various pockets and fumbles with them. To a normal state person, an S-state person appears to be immobile, though they are actually moving very very slowely.

This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat People have tried living in closed ecosystems since the s, and it’s a chore. Pulsed plasma thruster Helicon double-layer thruster Arcjet rocket Resistojet rocket. The reflected light would decelerate the smaller bkssard sail and bring it to a halt at Epsilon Eridani.