Ethics and Infinity shows Levinas’ modesty and reserve and, above all, his rigor. Levinas is commenting here on the totality of his work. It is ‘the best introduction’. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Ethics and Infinity: Conversations with Philippe Nemo by Professor Emmanuel Levinas, , available at Book Depository with.

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Trivia About Ethics and Infini One difficult part about Levinas is not his conceptions; rather, it confersations that his work is drenched in Religion: Thus, my death can only make sense in my response to the command of the Other, for whose death I am responsible.

Levinas’ philosophy is relevant today even if it does not seem to be concerned with so-called contemporary issues, for it deals with the essential in man. It’s a very technical interview, not necessarily meant for a layman or one not already familiar with his thought. As per the Levinasian account, individuation does not derive from the perception of my Self in the Other as the same, but from the realization that the Other is irreducibly different than me.

It does go into some detail about his own philosophical studies in which made the most interesting iinfinity part of the interview is his Phenomenology of the Face, for it is abou I had picked up this book and read half of it philippr basically forgot it for a while. Oct 31, Vince rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 26, Burak rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cohen God, the Other, ethics, responsibility, religion, philosophy, interview, testimony.

In the s, Levinas emerged from the circle of intellectuals surrounding Jean Wahl as a leading French thinker.

wiht Of course the ethical concern of the ideas in this book are what are most immediately gripping – Levinas, like few other contemporary continental philosophers, brings his work back Great introduction to Levinas’ work. Keep reading friends, Levinas is definitely worth it.

Apr 17, katie rated it really liked it. Levinas is very calmly giving us his philosophy, its history, and context. The book consists of radio conversations shared between Levinas and French philosopher Philippe Nemo, who does an admirable job of engaging Levinas in such a way as to tea Ethics and Infinity is perhaps the best introduction to the complicated ideas of French existentialist thinker Emmanuel Levinas.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books by Emmanuel Levinas. Published by Duquesne University Cojversations first published In fact, religion is, according to Levinas, “the bond that is established between the same and the other without constituting a totality.

Ethics and Infinity: Conversations with Philippe Nemo

Individuation therefore derives from my response to the Other for whom I am responsible. From the Bible, Levinas has learned that only the ethical relation allows us to go beyond the solitude of Being.

Nov 29, philosovamp rated it really liked it Shelves: By his lights, ethics becomes an entity independent of subjectivity to the point where ethical responsibility is integral to the subject; hence an ethics of responsibility precedes any “objective searching after truth”.

In this concern, I am responsible for the Other insofar as I must respond to her cry. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

The Other is different than me, but not because she possesses different properties or dispositions. Ethics is, I think, first philosophy. The Other may render me questionable, but coonversations insofar as I am compelled to respond to her command because I am responsible for her death. If, on the other hand, the Other is retained at the horizon of knowledge, it easily gets neglected as in traditional metaphysics. For those unprepared to dive into the dense philosophical text of Totality and Infinity or Otherwise than Being or Beyond EssenceEthics and Infinity is far more accessible and, thankfully, shorter.

To pretend that we do and to ignore the excess of the Other is thus the major problem of traditional metaphysics. The Hardness of Philosophy and. Inhe went to Freiburg University to study phenomenology under Converations Husserl. The book consists of radio conversations shared between Levinas and French philosopher Philippe Infiinity, who does an admirable job of engaging Cnversations in such a way as to tease out his most complex conceptualizations.

Ethics and Infinity: Conversations with Philippe Nemo by Emmanuel Levinas

Great introduction to Levinas’ work. According to his obituary in New York Times,[1] Levinas came to regret his enthusiasm for Heidegger, because of the latter’s affinity for the Nazis. He began teaching at the University of Poitiers inat the Nanterre campus of the University of Paris inand at the Sorbonne infrom which he retired in Didn’t always understand or agree with everything, but this book really got me thinking about human relationships and my responsibility to others.


Mar 16, Renxiang Liu rated it really liked it Shelves: So SO hard to read The Levinasian account of individuation, however, places a heavy burden on interpersonal existence. One dies alone, Ethics and Infinity shows Levinas’ modesty and reserve and, above all, his rigor. Conversations with Philippe Nemo by Emmanuel Levinas. His philosophy could make the world a better place, inside and out. N phenomenology philos precisely problem prophet proximity psychology reading relation religions responsibility revelation secrecy sense signifies social society Socrates someone Sorbonne speak spirit Strasbourg Temps et I’Autre tence testifies testimony thematization theme things thought tion Totality and Infinity transcendence transcendental ego transl truth verb Zeit.

Levinas is very good at expressing unique ideas in dense expression, and Philippe Nemo is significantly a genius questioner, sensitive to the gist of of the conversation and to Levinas’ internal problematic. From inside the book. All in all, Ethics and Infinity is an excellent primer for those seeking to determine whether to delve deeper into Levinasian thought.

What Levinas failed to learn from phenomenology is precisely the idea that knowledge itself comes with a halo of indeterminacy, that the indefinite is not at once the Infinite. He has some great ideas, but he doesn’t present them in a way that is understandable to the average person. Ici dans ce petit volume on presente les grands themes de Levinas.

Ethics and Infinity – Emmanuel LĂ©vinas, Philippe Nemo – Google Books

Not that there is this or that; but the very scene of being is open: Specifically, Levinas characterizes responsibility for the Other as responsibility for the death of the Other. Those who want a fuller understanding of the man may feel a bit incomplete, but such a task is not really possible through a single book. Levinas derives the primacy of his ethics from the experience of the encounter with the Other.