The Glasgow Gomer Scale (or GGS) is to be applied to all admitted patients to the hospital. Any patient found with a GGS Score of >50 is. Doctor Reverse Actually the Discoverer of Reverse-Trendelenburg (Gomerblog) Task Force Creates Glasgow Food Coma Scale (Gomerblog); ↑ ACLS. BMI Classification Replaces Word “Obesity” with “American” (Gomerblog); ↑ Obese Epidemic, Task Force Creates Glasgow Food Coma Scale (Gomerblog) .

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Und seit dem erfreut es massenweise Kollegen ; btw: Klick hier, um zur GGS zu kommen! By carefully reviewing 4 hospital gmoer, we saw that there was a need for a new drug, one that would fill the needs of the new intern in the ICU.

Old notes a two volumes 1P b two kg 3P c two feet high 7P The drug to give when nothing else can be done!

Official Gomer Rating Scale – Medical Jokes and Cartoons

Ich habe das damals im Studium in einem Arztzimmer in der Inneren gefunden. Accuracy would be essential, so when the individual awakens from glasgod food coma we can justify why we had to intubate at the dinner table. The GFCS score is the sum of the values assessed to each response.


Found with dentures a in upside down 2P b aspirated 10P Positive Q sign 8P Fractures hip a whilst in hospital 3P b under general 6P c whilst in traction for other hip 9P Stool specimen unrequested found a more than 10 feed from bed 6P b on each wall or window 3P c om pavement below window near bed 10P Motile sperm in CSF cerebrospinal fluid 9P 7.

The score ranges from 3 food comatose state with deep postprandial unconsciousness to 15 full alertness without food coma and with preservation glawgow bowel continence.

GGS – Glasgow Gomer Scale in Undefined by

Bites bulb of a oral thermometer 3P b rectal thermometer 4P c other patients rectal thermometer 11P After compiling a list of drugs most frequently used on the terminal patient, we combined them into one simple preparation.

My husband gets the meat sweats a lot.

Original geschrieben von gnuff Attempt at discharge by resident fails 6P Each additional attempt 6P 6. Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen: Answers “yes” to all questions asked to other patients in room 8P Our new improved formula is guaranteed to control any psychotic, infectious, or cardiac problem you encounter.

Badass: Cardiologist Stents Own Proximal LAD Just ‘Cause He Can

Ich schlage mal Folgendes vor: Found in hallway without pyjama bottoms 5P Food-induced cerebral ischemia is real and here to stay. No complaints of GI upset in comatose patients Ich hab da noch einen Nachschlag Vertigo, development of a prurient interest in broccoli, death, pregnancy, an insane desire to take Heme I as an elective, leprosy, believes he is Woody Hayes, and the most serious possible side effect – total recovery.


Easier to understand gmoer dentures 3P Hier nun die versprochene “Glasgow Gomer Scale” Wer mit dem Begriff ‘Gomer’ nichts anfangen kann es soll angeblich doch noch solche Leute geben ;der lese dies bitte in “House of God” von Samuel Shem nach.

Admitted with diagnosis of ataxia manifested by scratchmarks on forehead secondary to attemps at nose picking 10P Tiffany i thought this was totally legit for a while. Gomee Lockwell September 30, Dust in supraclavicular fossa 20P Refused by repat hospital despite service in glaxgow world wars 8P Annointed by priest prior to presentation 20P Total: Sits in waiting room after discharge 5P Hampton has stepped down as chair of the 3N Joint Task Force amidst recent controversy that he was spotted cheating on the task force with McRibs and Doritos Locos Tacos.

Welcomes Med students 7P