Dear Community,below you find the Community Calendar for October The color code for the events is the following: After the community. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. specialization It may not be step by step but its very well thought out.

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Other units can be added, but are not quite efficient.

I figure it would take gold when being conservative with your spending and another ish for NPCing wheat for troop production. Inscreva-se no canal ou volte quando quiser ; Outras novidades rolando nos links abaixo: Once you settle your third village, start to build more scouts as well as Phalanx in your second village. I mostly need help with village-developing, since I’m a really good attacker.

Trapper and the Phalanx working together will make a deadly combo for guixa all attackers trying to steal from your village which makes Gaul defense extremely potent especially during the early stages of the game. You can have one character called Avatar guidz each server so feel free to tdavian them all if you wish. It is something that is planned but at a later stage when more of these guides are written by players such as yourself.

Lvl17 Crop lands done by Day70 Maybe need less, maybe more, but that’s what I spend when upgrading the cropper I usually get lvl18s by day70 This will leave you some gold to upgrade other villages, too. You will save time. ttavian


Lvl14s can be done by Day70 even without gold Well, maybe instabuild the last level. TT scoraggia l’utilizzo di questi server visto che evadono il copyright originale della TravianGames. In all of the scenarios below the goal during the first three days remains the same: Very nice guide and I think you should submit a copy of it to the Kingdoms Wiki.

Community Calendar – October – Community Calendar – Travian: Legends Forum

Your hero will gain an additional 20 XP and you will also get more ointments. When you have trained at least 50 Guixa and 5 Pathfinders, your Wall is at lvl 5 and your Trapper is lvl 5 full of traps move to the next phase.

To settle guid new village we will first need a Residence. Postino qui le persone che vogliono dare qualche idea alla costruzione di scripttool o altro per Travian. Obviously all this wheat production is going to need to be NPC’d into other resources for troop production but will cost less and less gold when the troop capacity is getting closer to it’s limit.

Before you go beyond population, make sure you have around Phalanx and 10 Pathfinders. Consigli per il forum Per chi volesse dare qualche consiglio o critica costruttiva per il forum. Gauls also have good offensive and defensive options in both their infantry and their cavalry categories while also having generally good stats for their price and training time.

Following the trend he is also the fastest Heavy cavalry unit in the game though noticeably slower than the TT. There is much more to Gauls than what I can cover here but the game wiki and the in game help function both have lots of stats and information to those who are interested to learn more about Gauls.


Community Calendar – October 2018

If you would like to use all features of this site, it is trafian to enable JavaScript. Yes, can be done with a lot less gold. With crannies in the village you won’t become a farm for a long time.

Gida being said — If your budget is little to no gold then you should go for a 9 cropper capital. Get a tournement square and upgrade it. This you can decide easily by considering how much money you are willing to invest into this game.

Game beyond the beginning I mentioned earlier that I would explain where you should settle your second village. Introduction to Gauls The first few days Game beyond the beginning.

For 2x and 3x guide you need to scroll down 1. So simply build the town hall and bam you get the ability to cash in that culture boost! Link utili per imperion Qui elencati guoda i link utili per imperion Moderatore: This strategy is quite similar to the two scenarios above. Log in or sign up in seconds. I choose the one that i liked the most. After only 4 days, many players already got their 2nd village which is impossible without the extra cp boost.

Activating the account and the Order of the Tasks.