: How to Ruin My Teenage Life (How to Ruin a Summer Vacation Novel) (): Simone Elkeles: Books. Read How to Ruin a Summer Vacation read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. How to Ruin a Summer Vacation is a Young Adult novel by Simone Elkeles. Going to Israel with her estranged Israeli father is the last thing Amy wants to. The Paperback of the How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (How to Ruin Series #1) by Simone Elkeles at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more! Previous. How to Ruin My Teenage Life (How to Ruin Series #2).

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Was she rushing things so much that she missed some obviously important parts of the storyline? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Just looking at my friends here on Goodreads, most of them are women who love YA just for the escape somone provides from life.

We do not stand in airports with guns, outside of clubs which we don’t call disco- number three of the list that bothered me checking Vacstion. But when you write a book you need to make sure you have all the right facts. Alurnya berjalan vaccation kejutan.

Yes Yes I did. Loved the whole series! But I could not help but be totally annoyed by Amy, the main character. There is some making out and some implied “petting”. Because suddenly sperm donor wanted her to meet his family who didn’t even know she existed.

You get your ass to Israel and pray that they can speak English. Because the older woman has her eyes?


How to Ruin My Teenage Life

Negeri kecil kontroversial yang selalu diberitakan terus berperang. All in all, I did like the story. Definitely gonna read this. But That was Simone Elkeles objective so it worked. At the beginning of the book she gets mad at her dad and says some mean things they have a history so it’s not surprising to him. I wouldn’t recommend this book, mainly because I hated it. Aku berencana membaca Perfect Chemistry yang versi terjemahannya saja. Simone memberikan petualangan penuh liku yang rasional untuk mengubah kepribadian seorang Amy.

View all 20 comments. Anders bei diesem Buch. That awkward moment when you forget you feckin hate an author and start reading another one their books Especially her encounters and conversations with one certain Israeli hottie. Hmm, semua pilihan salah. Tentang sejarah dan budaya Yahudi, tentang keindahan alam Israel, tentang keluarga ayah biologisnya, sampai dengan kisah tentang persahabatan yang dibumbui rivalitas khas remaja.

The reader, along with Amy, discovers what it really is to be Israeli, and how different it is from what the media always shows us. I appreciated the coming-of-age theme but I felt like that came up short and Amy’s whole “I’m Jewish” realization seemed kind of rushed and forced.

Want to Read saving…. Oh yeah, aku tahu ini adalah serial, jadi kesan to be continued di akhir halamannya pun tak membuatku resah. Other than Amy being in the book, I really enjoyed it. Maybe if i was a teenager I might like it but the protagonist annoyed me.

Review: How to Ruin a Summer Vacation by Simone Elkeles | Teen Book Review

Ich bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht und hoffe auf einen ebenso humorvollen zweiten Band. This ending was just ridiculous. I mean this was okay. The romance was cute, the love interest hot and the heroine And don’t wlkeles me she had to be written that way.


People don’t lick one another at clubs. Not the clubs or hotels, but the country itself! Along with Amy, I too learnt a lot about the Israeli culture, and even though this is a fairly easy-going read, the depth in which Elkeles delved into the Jewish ways of life opened my eyes to some extremely surprising, fascinating things.

But again, I had to explain some stuff. But im wrong, she’s one of the pretty tough ass chicks for me and also stubborn. This is my second Simone Elkeles book.

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation

Her head is a hollow space filled with crazy thoughts, constantly triggered by what appears to be ADD on the loose, and a boobs fixation that’s just about over the roof. Like the plague kind of sickness that basically ruins all of the fun for my family.

Und mit ihr, der Leser. Nggak masalah, aku sudah tahu jauh sebelum kau bilang begitu. In addition, the storyline progressed at a perfectly rapid pace, which kept me riveted the entire time.

Nah, sebagai persiapan aku mencoba membaca seri How to Ruin karya Simone ini. Anywho, I’m not buying anything that happened.

Amy was, sometimes, annoying and too much to handle.

How to Ruin Your Summer Vacation was a light-hearted jog through teen-angst. March 21, read 3.

Simone Elkeles completely rocks! It wasn’t a bad book. I liked how irritated she was by him, constantly telling herself that she wasn’t interested in how gorgeous he was, etc.